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Users with speech-to-text needs have found a better alternative to transcribeme in SpeechFlow

Feature Comparison—more accurate and better price/performance ratio

Feature Comparisonimgimg
Speech training data
500,000 h👍
Transcription accuracy
Up to 98.1%👍
AI speech-to-text pricing
audio:$0.07/min video : $0.79/min
Free trial amount
5h/per month👍
Speed of obtaining results
less than 3 min / 1 h of audio👍
Double the length of the document
Separately charged option
AI, legal, medical Audio/video files
Audio & Video Transcription
Profanity filter
Transcription under noise
Multiple dialogue transcription
4GB Maximum👍
API Upload File Size Limit
Online Transcription & API Integration

More accurate beyond just English

SpeechFlow's top transcription accuracy across languages hinges on its advanced speech model and extensive high-quality training data.

SpeechFlow uses the superior Conformer model, achieving a notable 98.1% speech recognition accuracy. For details on the Conformer model and its data sources, refer to the provided documentation. Click here for more.

SpeechFlow not only relies on advanced speech models, but also on long hours of big data training in addition to the speech models, which is one of the most important guarantees of high transcription accuracy.

SpeechFlow uses 500,000 hours of high-quality data, covering a wide range of languages currently supported by SpeechFlow, including speech with accents, speech in noisy environments, and more.

Relying on advanced big data models and training, SpeechFlow also maintains industry-leading transcription accuracy for every language, beyond just English.


Lower transcription costs but higher quality

The price advantage of SpeechFlow over Transcribeme is significant. In the table for Transcribeme's AI auto-transcription feature, audio transcription costs as much as $0.07/min and video transcription $0.79/min.

Despite its lower price, SpeechFlow surpasses Transcribeme in AI transcription accuracy. A more affordable cost doesn't imply inferior service; in fact, SpeechFlow's service excels in four aspects:

- SpeechFlow's transcription supports filtering of profanity and other sensitive information.

- SpeechFlow's transcription results are automatically punctuated and segmented.

- SpeechFlow supports transcription in a noisy environment.

- SpeechFlow supports transcription in a multi-person voice environment.


Faster transcription speeds to increase productivity

Today, when everything is in high gear, time has become especially precious. Therefore, it has become important to save all the time you can and to increase the efficiency of your work. In this regard, SpeechFlow does a better job than Transcribeme, mainly due to SpeechFlow's high-speed transcription feature.

Comparative analysis of actual data shows that under normal circumstances, SpeechFlow usually takes less than 3 minutes to transcribe an hour's worth of audio, while Transcribeme takes more time. This determines that SpeechFlow is more efficient than Transcribeme if it needs to process audio files with a huge amount of information.


Free trial before purchase, pay-as-you-go after purchase

People often need familiarity before trusting something new. SpeechFlow, a rising AI speech recognition software, addresses this by offering a 5-hour free trial, the most generous among similar tools. Users can test the service before committing to a purchase.

Transcribeme, however, does not have a free trial.

SpeechFlow has a pay-per-use model in addition to an attractive free trial. Compared to a fixed monthly or yearly billing model, a per-volume billing model is more flexible and minimises costs. SpeechFlow also offers a customised service for enterprise users who have a high volume of usage. Please contact sales for details.


Embrace the age of advanced AI ,process audio files efficiently with SpeechFlow


Why I Prefer SpeechFlow Over Other speech to text tools

leftQuotes The main reason for choosing SpeechFlow over Transcribeme is that SpeechFlow delivers better results for less money - if you transcribe 100 hours of audio files, choosing SpeechFlow will cost you $348 less than Transcribeme and you'll spend dozens of hours less waiting for the results to be produced. In addition to this, SpeechFlow is also a great way to get better results for your money. In addition, SpeechFlow supports automatic punctuation and segmentation of text, which makes reading easier. rightQuotes