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Users seeking speech-to-text solutions have found a better alternative to Happyscribe in SpeechFlow

Feature comparison — More accurate, secure, flexible and cheaper

Feature Comparisonimgimg
Speech training data
500,000 h👍
Transcription accuracy
Up to 98.1%👍
Charging mode
Pay as you go👍
Pay monthly,yearly
Online Transcription & API👍
Online transcription only
Free trial amount
5h/per month👍
10 minutes
File types Supported
Audio & Video
Audio & Video
Transcription under noise
Profanity filter
Profanity filter

More than 85% accurate in languages beyond just English

SpeechFlow's data-verified transcription accuracy is 98.1%, much higher than Happyscribe's 85% transcription accuracy! It's worth emphasising that it's not just English that has high transcription accuracy, it's every language!

SpeechFlow excels in transcription accuracy across languages, owing to its advanced Conformer model and extensive speech training data. This model surpasses others in precision.Click here for more.

Beyond advanced models, SpeechFlow's accuracy stems from extensive big data training with over 500,000 hours of diverse data. This data covers a wide range of languages, accented speech, and challenging environments like noisy conversations.


Cheaper prices and more flexible payment options

When juxtaposed with Happyscribe, the difference in pricing is stark. While Happyscribe charges up to $8.50 for an hour of audio transcription, SpeechFlow offers its services at merely $0.72 per minute.

But economical pricing doesn't mean a compromise on quality. Here's how SpeechFlow distinguishes itself:

  • Advanced Filtering: SpeechFlow filters out profanities and sensitive content.
  • Noise Adaptability: It transcribes effectively even in noisy places.
  • Multi-Speaker Recognition: SpeechFlow accurately transcribes multi-person conversations, capturing every voice.

Happyscribe might not offer some of these advanced features, but SpeechFlow does.


Advanced APIs boost large file handling efficiency

SpeechFlow's API, enhanced with advanced features, supports both local and cloud deployment. Users can choose the method that fits their needs, whether for specific security requirements or leveraging cloud scalability for large file batches.

Regardless of deployment choice, SpeechFlow delivers efficient and accurate transcription, adeptly handling both simple and complex file batches.


The output is more readable and versatile

Compared to HappyScribe, SpeechFlow differentiates itself with features like automatic field punctuation. This not only ensures accurate transcription but also produces structured results ready for diverse applications.

SpeechFlow offers sensitive content detection for enhanced security with confidential materials. Combining its advanced features, it excels in accuracy, organization, and security, making it a top choice for those seeking high-quality transcription services.


Embrace the age of advanced AI ,process audio files efficiently with SpeechFlow


Why I Prefer SpeechFlow Over Other speech to text tools

leftQuotes SpeechFlow was selected due to its outstanding accuracy, exceeding Happyscribe's accuracy at 98.1%, particularly in multiple languages. This precision is achieved through advanced speech modeling and access to a vast data training library of over 500,000 hours. SpeechFlow's pricing, at $0.72 per minute, significantly undercuts Happyscribe's $8.50 per hour, without compromising quality. SpeechFlow offers advanced features like content filtering, adaptability in various settings, and multi-speaker recognition, setting it apart from competitors like Happyscribe. Additionally, SpeechFlow's API supports both local and cloud deployment, ensuring efficient handling of large file batches. Lastly, SpeechFlow's support for automatic field punctuation and sensitive content detection enhances readability and security, making it a comprehensive and technologically superior choice in the transcription services landscape. rightQuotes