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Higher accuracy, user-friendliness and more usage scenarios than

「OpenAI Whisper」

Users with speech-to-text needs have found a better alternative to OpenAI Whisper in SpeechFlow

Feature Comparison — More precise and easier to use

Feature Comparisonimgimg
Speech training data
500,000 h👍
Transcription accuracy
Up to 98.1%👍
Online Transcription & API Integration👍
Only API
Free trial amount
5h/per month👍
Three months only
Request file limit
2000/per day , 50/ per min
File types Supported
Audio & Video👍
File Formats Supported
23 file formats👍
7 file formats
Maximum File Size
Lit. large quantity at low price
Cloud and on-prem deployment
Transcription under noise
Profanity filter

More precise not limited to just English

SpeechFlow takes pride in its remarkable transcription accuracy, standing at an impressive 98.1%. What sets SpeechFlow apart is its exceptional precision, extending beyond English to the 14 languages it supports.

This accuracy is made possible through two pivotal elements: an advanced speech big data model and a vast repository of high-quality speech training data.

The Conformer model, central to this accuracy, outperforms other technologies. For detailed insights on the Conformer model and its data sources, refer to the linked documentation. Click here for more..

In addition to the speech model, SpeechFlow's commendable accuracy is due in large part to over 500,000 hours of high-quality data in multiple languages.

Thanks to its innovative Big Data approach and rigorous training regimen, SpeechFlow consistently delivers top-tier transcription results, setting the bar high in accuracy across a diverse range of languages.


Supports more formats for more scenarios

Comparing SpeechFlow and OpenAI Whisper, SpeechFlow has a broader transcription scope, supporting both audio and video files. In contrast, OpenAI Whisper is limited to audio file transcription.

Moreover, SpeechFlow accommodates a wider array of file formats, ensuring users can work with diverse content effortlessly. It supports 10 audio formats and 13 video formats.

In contrast, OpenAI Whisper's compatibility is more limited, It supports only 7 audio formats.

In summary, SpeechFlow's wider transcription range, encompassing both audio and video files, coupled with its extensive format compatibility, positions it as a versatile and accommodating transcription solution compared to OpenAI Whisper.


Easy to start with a low usage threshold

Compare to OpenAI Whisper SpeechFlow distinguishes itself through its user-friendly and accessible approach.

Effortless Online Transcription: SpeechFlow simplifies the transcription process by allowing users to directly transcribe audio or video into text within its platform. There's no need to navigate complex APIs or undergo intricate setup procedures.

Efficient YouTube Link Transcription: SpeechFlow elevates convenience by supporting YouTube link transcription. Users can easily convert video to text by pasting the YouTube video link into the SpeechFlow platform.


Better service at a lower overall cost

SpeechFlow transcribes audio and video to text and automatically adds punctuation for enhanced readability. This feature streamlines editing, ensuring the transcribed content is accurate and well-punctuated, saving users time and effort.

SpeechFlow is more cost-effective than OpenAI Whisper, offering a 5-hour free trial monthly. Meanwhile, OpenAI Whisper's free trial is restricted to the first three months of registration.

SpeechFlow offers enterprise discounts for large-scale transcription needs, making it more cost-effective than OpenAI Whisper, which doesn't provide such discounts.


Embrace the age of advanced AI ,process audio files efficiently with SpeechFlow


Why I Prefer SpeechFlow Over Other speech to text tools

leftQuotes Choose SpeechFlow for its unparalleled transcription accuracy across 14 languages, making it a versatile solution for global users. With cutting-edge technology like the Conformer model, it ensures precision and readability in transcriptions. SpeechFlow supports a wide range of audio and video formats, catering to diverse content sources. Its user-friendly platform simplifies transcription, offering online and YouTube link transcription with ease. Additionally, SpeechFlow's cost-effectiveness, extended free trial, and discounts for enterprise users make it the economical choice. This comprehensive package of accuracy, versatility, user-friendliness, and affordability positions SpeechFlow as the ultimate transcription solution for users worldwide. rightQuotes