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More precise, swifter, and less constrained in comparison to


Users seeking speech-to-text solutions have found a better alternative to Notta in SpeechFlow

Feature Comparison — More precise and easier to use

Feature Comparisonimgimg
Speech training data
500,000 h👍
Transcription accuracy
Up to 98.1%👍
Maximum file size
Maximum transcription duration
6 h👍
5 h
Free trial amount
5h/ month👍
1h/ month
Free transcription restriction
5 min
Speed of obtaining results
less than 3 min / 1 h of audio👍
5min / 1 hour of audio
Online & API👍
File types Supported
Audio & Video & YouTube link
Audio & Video & YouTube link

More accurate, beyond just English to encompass multilingual

SpeechFlow's transcription accuracy is truly exceptional, surpassing even that of Notta with a verified rate as high as 98.1%. This remarkable precision is not confined to English alone; it extends across every supported language.

The foundation of this accuracy lies in its advanced Conformer model (Click here for more.) , a technology that outperforms other models with its cutting-edge capabilities.

SpeechFlow's precision isn't just from advanced speech models; it's also due to extensive Big Data training. With over 500,000 hours of diverse data, it excels in transcribing accented speech, noisy environments, and complex scenarios. This comprehensive approach ensures consistent, top-tier transcription in multiple languages.


Transcription with Fewer Limitations than Notta

SpeechFlow surpasses Notta by offering users greater transcription flexibility and fewer limitations. Unlike Notta, which restricts transcriptions to audio and video files up to 1GB with a maximum duration of 5 hours, SpeechFlow provides enhanced scalability. Users can seamlessly handle larger content, with support for files up to 4GB in size.

Furthermore, SpeechFlow extends its transcription capabilities by accommodating files up to 6 hours in duration. This expanded range of options caters to a diverse set of transcription needs. The significant differences in limitations make SpeechFlow the preferred choice for those seeking extensive and versatile transcription services.


Longer and unlimited transcription duration

SpeechFlow offers a generous 5-hour free monthly trial, while Notta provides only a 1-hour trial. This extended trial period allows users to fully experience SpeechFlow's capabilities before committing to a subscription. In contrast, Notta's trial is limited to the first 5 minutes of a video file, restricting users' exploration of the platform's potential and their transcription needs.

Furthermore, SpeechFlow's free transcription offering is entirely unlimited, providing users with the freedom to transcribe as much content as they need during their 5-hour free trial period.


Shorter transcription time boosts more efficiency

SpeechFlow excels in transcription speed when compared to Notta, demonstrating its efficiency and time-saving capabilities. While Notta takes 5 minutes to transcribe an hour-long audio or video file, SpeechFlow achieves the same task in just 3 minutes.

The clear difference in processing time makes SpeechFlow the top choice for users who prioritize efficient transcription services. It saves time, enhances productivity, and suits users with tight schedules and transcription requirements.


Embrace the age of advanced AI ,process audio files efficiently with SpeechFlow


Why I Prefer SpeechFlow Over Other speech to text tools

leftQuotes SpeechFlow stands out as the ideal transcription solution due to its remarkable accuracy exceeding 98.1% across multiple languages, ensuring precision beyond just English. Its flexibility is evident in its support for larger files (up to 4GB) and longer transcriptions (up to 6 hours), making it suitable for various content types. What truly distinguishes SpeechFlow is its efficiency, transcribing an hour-long audio or video file in just 3 minutes, saving valuable time. Additionally, its generous 5-hour free trial every month allows users to explore its capabilities cost-free. In summary, SpeechFlow combines accuracy, versatility, efficiency, and affordability, making it the top choice for transcription needs. rightQuotes