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Higher Accuracy, Lower Prices, Faster Speed, compared to

「Google speech to text」

Users seeking speech-to-text solutions have found a better alternative to Google speech to text in SpeechFlow

Feature Comparison — More accurate, cheaper, faster, file formats

Feature Comparisonimgimg
Speech training data
500,000 h👍
Transcription accuracy
Up to 98.1%👍
$ 0.012/ min👍
$ 0.024/ min
Speed of obtaining results
less than 180s / 1 hour of audio👍
1443s / 1 hour of audio
Online transcription & API👍
Only API
Free trial amount
5h /per month👍
1h /per month
File types Supported
Audio & Video👍
Audio only
Transcription under noise
Cloud and on-prem
Profanity filter

More accurate beyond just English

SpeechFlow boasts an impressive transcription accuracy of 98.1%, This accuracy is not just for English, but for every language supported by SpeechFlow.

The exceptional accuracy is thanks to SpeechFlow's advanced speech big data model and extensive high-quality training data, especially the Conformer model, known for its cutting-edge precision. For more details, refer to the provided documentation by Click here for more..

SpeechFlow's accuracy stems from both advanced speech modeling and extensive Big Data training, It owes much of its commendable precision to an extensive Big Data training program, drawing from a vast pool of over 500,000 hours of high-quality data across a multitude of languages.


Transcription costs less and gets more service

SpeechFlow offers a compelling advantage in terms of pricing when compared to Google speech to text. Google speech to text charges at a rate of $0.024 per minute, whereas SpeechFlow's pricing is significantly more budget-friendly at just $0.012 per minute.

Furthermore, SpeechFlow extends its value proposition with an extended free trial period. While Google speech to text provides a free trial of only 1 hour per month, SpeechFlow offers a much more generous free trial, granting users up to 5 hours of free transcription per month.

This substantial trial duration allows users to experience the platform's capabilities extensively before making a commitment, further enhancing its appeal.


Reduced transcription time improves efficiency

In transcription speed, SpeechFlow outperforms Google Speech-to-Text significantly. While Google's service takes 1,443 seconds to transcribe an hour of audio, SpeechFlow accomplishes the same task in under 180 seconds. This substantial difference positions SpeechFlow as the preferred choice for users valuing prompt and efficient transcription, saving valuable time and boosting overall productivity.


More types of file transcription for a wider range of usage

In transcription services, SpeechFlow and Google Speech-to-Text differ in several key aspects. SpeechFlow's user-friendly approach sets it apart.

Online Transcription: SpeechFlow simplifies transcription by allowing direct audio or video to text conversion on its platform, eliminating the need for complex APIs or intricate setup.

YouTube video Transcription: SpeechFlow simplifies YouTube video transcription by allowing users to paste the link directly into the platform.


Embrace the age of advanced AI ,process audio files efficiently with SpeechFlow


Why I Prefer SpeechFlow Over Other speech to text tools

leftQuotes Choose SpeechFlow for unparalleled accuracy transcending languages, cost-effectiveness with a rate of $0.012 per minute and a generous 5-hour free trial, remarkable efficiency transcribing an hour's audio in under 180 seconds, and versatile file transcription options, including seamless YouTube link transcriptions. SpeechFlow empowers users to effortlessly transcribe content, making it the ultimate choice for accurate, affordable, and efficient transcription services across diverse needs and languages. rightQuotes