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For those requiring speech-to-text solutions, SpeechFlow proves to be a better choice over Deepgram

Feature Comparison — More precise,faster , and user-friendly

Feature Comparisonimgimg
Speech training data
500,000 h👍
Transcription accuracy
Up to 98.1%👍
Online Transcription & API Integration
Online Transcription & API Integration
Free trial amount
5h/per month👍
Maximum file size
File Formats Supported
23 file formats👍
11 file formats
Cloud and on-prem
Cloud and on-prem
Profanity filter
Transcription under noise

High accuracy beyond just English

SpeechFlow's outstanding accuracy, standing at an impressive 98.1%, sets it apart from tools like Deepgram. What truly distinguishes SpeechFlow is its unwavering precision, which extends across every language it supports.

This remarkable feat is achieved through a dynamic combination of an advanced speech big data model and an extensive repository of high-quality speech training data, boasting a massive 500,000-hour Data Training Library.

The Conformer model(Click here for more.), at the core of SpeechFlow's capabilities, surpasses other models with its cutting-edge precision, ensuring accurate transcriptions not only in English but also in all supported languages.


Generous monthly free trial hours available

SpeechFlow distinguishes itself by offering an exceptionally generous 5-hour free trial every month to its users, emphasizing accessibility and affordability.

In contrast, some competitors like Deepgram do not provide a free trial option, limiting users' opportunities to explore and experience their transcription services without incurring upfront costs.

This distinct advantage positions SpeechFlow as a user-friendly and budget-conscious choice, allowing individuals and businesses to thoroughly evaluate the platform's capabilities before making any financial commitments.


Support multi-format file transcription

In terms of format compatibility, SpeechFlow stands out. While Deepgram supports formats like "mp3, mp4, wav, flac," and others, SpeechFlow offers a broader range, including "aac, amr, ape, flac, m4a, mp3, ogg, opus, wav, wma." This versatility caters to a wider array of user needs.

SpeechFlow not only transcribes audio but also video materials, supporting formats such as "3gp, avi, flv, mp4," and more. With its extensive format compatibility, SpeechFlow is ideal for users with diverse multimedia needs, catering to various industries and applications seamlessly.


Supprot single files up to 4GB

SpeechFlow offers a notable edge in file size flexibility compared to competitors like Deepgram, which only supports audio files up to 2GB. SpeechFlow, on the other hand, can accommodate files of up to 4GB. This ensures users can transcribe larger audio content without the need to split or compress.

Especially beneficial for lengthy recordings and interviews, SpeechFlow's increased capacity brings added convenience. It emerges as a top choice for those seeking scalable and versatile transcription services.


Embrace the age of advanced AI ,process audio files efficiently with SpeechFlow


Why I Prefer SpeechFlow Over Other speech to text tools

leftQuotes SpeechFlow was chosen for its exceptional accuracy, surpassing competitors like Deepgram with a 98.1% accuracy rate across multiple languages. It achieves this through advanced speech modeling and access to a vast 500,000-hour Data Training Library, supporting accurate transcriptions in English and 13 other languages. Additionally, SpeechFlow offers a 5-hour free trial each month, making it cost-effective compared to Deepgram, which lacks a free trial. SpeechFlow also excels in format compatibility, supporting a wide range of audio and video formats, ensuring versatility for users. Lastly, SpeechFlow accommodates audio files up to 4GB in size, surpassing Deepgram's 2GB limit, enhancing efficiency for larger transcription tasks. rightQuotes